How Does Account Recognition Work?

Last updated on — September 12th, 2023

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What is Account Recognition?

Account Recognition is an optional process that allows you to show that the photos on your profile look like you. After successful verification, you’ll get a new badge on your profile to show people that you have completed the Account Recognition process.

With Account Recognition, you will also be able to see whether other Cupiee profiles have completed the Account Recognition process. That way you can make more informed decisions about who you interact with on Cupiee.

How does Account Recognition work?

Account Recognition is as simple as taking a video selfie. You can continue register your account if the person in your video selfie passes the Liveness Check step of the process.

The Liveness Check detects the face in your video and helps determine whether the video was taken by a real, live person, and that it was not digitally altered or manipulated. Your liveness image help detects your face in your profile photos, and uses facial geometry data to generate a unique number, or facial geometry “template.” These templates are used to help check whether the person in your uploaded images is the same person as in your liveness photo.

Your facial geometry data, which may be considered biometric data in some jurisdictions, is retained for the lifetime of your account for the purposes set out below in How is my Account Recognition Information used?. Your video selfie itself is deleted after Account Recognition is confirmed and is not added to your profile, but we keep two screenshots from your video selfie for the purposes of auditing and managing this feature.

How is my Account Recognition Information used?

Your facial geometry data is only used for the purposes of Account Recognition. Your video selfie itself is not stored, and is deleted immediately after you complete Account Recognition. The two screenshots we take from your video selfie are used only for the purposes of auditing and managing this feature.

To perform the Account Recognition process, we store and use your facial geometry data and screenshots on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances. This information and screenshots are deleted from our AWS instances in the timeframes laid out below.

What will you keep after Account Recognition is complete?

Privacy Policy

We will also keep two screenshots from the video selfie process. We retain this information for the life of your account to audit and manage our Account Recognition feature. We’ll also keep the results of the Account Recognition process (i.e., successful or not) until you close your Cupiee account, or alternatively, until your Cupiee account is closed after two years of inactivity. As stated above, we do not keep your video selfie, which is deleted after you complete the Account Recognition process.

How do I delete my Account Recognition Information?

Your Account Recognition Information includes your facial geometry data (which is the facial ‘template’ used to complete the verification check) and your video selfie screenshot. Please see below for information on how to delete these two types of data.

Facial Geometry Data

Video Selfie Screenshots

Under what legal authority do you process the Account Recognition Information?

We process the Account Recognition Information with your consent.

How do I find more information about Cupiee’s data practices, including my privacy rights?

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Trouble with Account Recognition?

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